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Remote Control

At the heart of the Pool Boy® design is the remote operating system. The system features a low voltage transformer that is designed to meet NEC article 600. The remote control is submersible to 15 feet and floats so that it will not get damaged if dropped in the pool.

Adjustable Stands

The unique design of Pool Boy® allows it to be adjusted to fit most pool designs. Each upright is fabricated from high strength aluminum and is powder coated to prevent corrosion. They feature multiple mount holes for the hubs that allow the Pool Boy® system to adjust to diving board height or length of solar cover.

Pool Boy Stand

The white UV protected covers give the Pool Boy® system a clean and finished look that will be a compliment to any pool area. Each cover is removable to allow access to the adjustable upright hubs and the manual override feature.

CSA™ Certified

Pool Boy® has been listed by CSA International as certified.


This graph displays the cost savings that result from the reduced energy consumption when solar covers are used to heat a pool. In many parts of the country where the average pool season lasts 4-5 months, the pool owner may see an energy cost decrease of up to 85%. This benefit alone makes Pool Boy® a great investment for any pool owner. In most cases, the first year energy cost savings that Pool Boy® provides is greater than the original purchase price of the Pool Boy® system.

Equipment Included:

Remote Controlled
Adjustable roller height
Easy Installation, Plugs into a 

  115 VAC GFI Protected Outlet

Manual override capabilities
20ft Tube Assembly
Guide bar and Rope
One Year Warranty
Use your existing Solar Blanket